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Let me introduce David Blankenship. I have known him for many years and he has worked with me on several Tyrol programming changes in the past. We have decided that he will focus his efforts on the programming and installation support while I will focus on customer support matters. We want to insure that you, our customers, have quality and continuous support going forward. David has accompanied me to several conventions, and I have introduced him to many of you personally. David will be assisting me with customer support when I travel.

David has used the same programming language and is working now to insure that the release of the new version "P" will be successful. While I will continue to be the main point of contact for your questions, I will be referring hardware or Windows questions to him.

Please feel free to discuss any of your requirements with him as he learns more about the features of the Tyrol Route Management software. He is a welcome addition to the staff and will be working to familiarize himself with your unique installations.

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